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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Summer! Remember to always keep learning!

Our new math resource for the coming school year 2014-2015 is called My Math by McGraw-Hill.  Click on the website to find out more about it! I do not have any access codes but when I do and am allowed to share it with the class, I'll be sure to post it here.

Enjoy this beautiful summer day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Amazing School Year will end June 20th

Good evening!

Here come the tears! This school year will be over June 20th and our class will be gearing up for 4th grade!

This year has been full of laughter and tears! We each have grown so much academically, behaviorally, physically, and emotionally. 

Be sure to continue to come back to the blog and play games that will help keep you in the know! 
Remember, knowledge is power!

Have a wonderful, relaxing summer!

Lots of Love,
Ms. Chuk

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

THE KHMER ROUGE: THE STORY OF HAM: My nephew interviewing my DAD.


Students had a nice afternoon watching the wonderful Disney movie Frozen as their reward for earning over 160 class Bumble Bucks!  They students enjoyed the movie very much!

Thanks to the parents who sent in chips and popcorn for the students to enjoy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update on Field Trip to the Zoo

I'm happy to report that all 28 of the students from our classroom were able to enjoy the most beautiful day at Roger Williams Park Zoo, along with the rest of the third grade team from our school.

The weather was amazing with sunshine and warmth, and the zoo was full of curious children from all over Rhode Island.  The students were able to learn interesting facts about the ecosystems and habitats of a variety of animals.

Along with learning facts, they were able to spend time socializing with their peers and enjoying lots of laughter and fun experiences together.

For some students in my class, this was the first time they went to a zoo.  It was amazing and heartwarming to see the curiosity and wonder that overtook their faces when they learned new facts.  The smiles and the giggles, and the out-right, loud laughter made my heart smile.

It was the best field trip ever! 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. It is a day of remembrance for those who have died in the service of our nation.
Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, but it's difficult to prove the origins of the day. There is also evidence that a women's group in the South decorated graves before the end of the Civil War. In either case, Memorial Day has had numerous starts due to the human need to honor the dead. Though some people think it's a day to honor any and all dead, Memorial Day is intended to honor those who have given their all in service to our country.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Field Trip to the Zoo to learn about Ecosystems and Habitats

Our whole third grade class will be walking to Roger Williams Park Zoo on Wednesday May 21, 2014.  Parents please make sure you sign those permission slips and send them into school ASAP.  No student can go on the field trip without a signed permission slip and an emergency contact phone number.  Students, make sure you dress appropriately with comfortable sneakers.  It will be party cloudy and between 54 to 69 degrees.  We will be leaving the school at 9:15am, please be on time! We will have breakfast at school and lunch at the park. Do not bring any electronic devices.  We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or broken electronics.

Hope everyone gets to go enjoy the beautiful and adventurous day at the zoo from third grade.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

End of the Year Testing

Last week was a fun-filled week, with Spelling Bees, Amazing Words Hat Parade and Favorite Concept Quilts! Reading is an amazing way to get children excited about learning.

Within the last couple of weeks, students have been tested in the areas of Math and Reading to demonstrate their knowledge of overall skills learned in third grade.  They made great improvements from the beginning of the school year until now. There will be a few more tests to demonstrate that understanding before the year is over.

Beyond testing, the students will be reviewing lots of already learned skills to help remind them of what they learned throughout the year to better prepare them for fourth grade.

This is a reminder that homework is based on lessons learned currently or previously learned.  The homework assignments are not online at this moment because I get them from various sources. In the future, I will try to post homework online.

Let's have a great week!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

READING WEEK ACTIVITIES Start Monday April 28th! Welcome Back!

I hope you've had a restful and fun vacation! Please be ready to learn Monday morning! We still have lots to learn to prepare you for fourth grade.
Reading Week Activities: Reading week activities will take place this week from Monday, April 28th through Friday, May 2nd.
Monday, April 28th - Crazy Sock Day!!

Wear crazy socks to kick off a week of reading activities!

Tuesday, April 29th -Read a Shirt day!

Students, teachers and staff are encouraged to wear shirts with writing on them for everyone to read! As always, writing must be appropriate for school.

Wednesday, April 30th -Spelling BEEs!

Class spelling BEEs will take place using spelling words from across the year on Reading Street!

Thursday, May 1st -Amazing Word Parade!

Each classroom will be given a vocabulary word (The voc. word will come from the year’s Amazing Words at your grade level). Each student in the class will decorate a hat with an illustration of the word.  (The hat can be made any way you choose) The classrooms will parade through the school while wearing the hats.  (Each grade level will parade together so everyone will be able to see all hats!!)

Friday, May 2nd - Favorites Parade

Students review all of the Favorites of their peers in the long hallway on the way to the cafeteria.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cambodian New Year

Here are some pictures I'd like to share from our Cambodian New Year 2558BC The Year of the Horse (2014CE) Celebrations.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014